Therapy For Depression And Anxiety


We have had great success with helping folks overcome depression – and it doesn’t take years. We believe in being finely attuned to, and fully present with, the patient. Our goal is to take great pains to hear what you are saying and help you flesh out the problem and identify the emotions around it. Often, the antidote to Depression is Expression ! Amazing benefits come from unloading and sorting out things with a caring objective professional. While we don’t believe in giving unsolicited advice, we do work tirelessly with you to find lasting solutions. Freedom is the ultimate goal of therapy: freedom from burdensome worries, guilt, wounds, resentment, pain & hurt and destructive thought patterns and behaviors. Sometimes you just need someone in your corner. Take this short quiz to see if you are depressed, or call us for a free consultationof up to 20 minutes to see if Rich or Lucie is a fit for you.


At Lie-Nielsen Counseling, Inc., we can help you with anxiety and panic. No one should have to live in a constant state of fear or dread or tension. Both Lucie and Rich have over 20 years helping folks overcome this by using various techniques: cognitive therapy is very effective.

Teaching mindfulness, breathing and short meditations, utilizing interpersonal talk therapy to uncover any underlying conflicts, and a host of other methods. To see just how anxious you are, take this Anxiety Quiz , by David Burns, and then contact us if you would like help. You are not alone, and you can become free, calm and relaxed.

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