“Talking with Lucie is not like talking to a licensed therapist. It's like talking to a friend--the kind who listens to every word you say and then tells you what you need to hear in the nicest possible way.” -- LJ

"I have been seeing Rich Lie-Nielsen for several years now. Rich has been instrumental to my sobriety. I have seen therapist before but I have never been completely honest with them. Rich is an awesome guy, very easy to talk to and be open with. I live over an hour away from Atlanta, but I make the drive every appointment because I believe seeing Rich has truly made a difference in my life and taught me how to live insobriety. Anytime I am asked, by someone new in recovery, or their family, for someone to talk to, I suggest Rich Lie-Nielsen and quickly give them his phone number. I could not be happier with the results I receive from every session, I leave Rich's office feeling good about myself and I understand myself more every time I leave."--Matt

“Lucie and I have discovered why I 'm attracted to jerks. I'd seen 3 or 4 therapists before her who couldn't help me understand the reason. My next relationship will be better because I know what I deserve, and because I really believe that I deserve it.” – Laura

"Richard Lie-Nielsen has been my individual therapist for over 8 years. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Rich has helped me understand who I am and why I do the things that I do. Rich has helped me become a better husband, father and friend. I have relationships in my life today that I never dreamed possible. Thanks again for teaching me how to live and fit myself to be of maximum service on a daily basis." -- Steve H.

"After waking up from a nightmare that had become my life, Rich was able to shine his light on the causes and conditions of that bad dream. Through our work together, I have now found my own light, which I believe is the greatest gift I could have ever received."-- MP

“Lucie absolutely saved my life. I worked with her for 3 years through a tumultuous relationship and a very difficult time in my life. She is so warm, so caring and so open, you can't help but look forward to every session. Finding your first or new therapist is never a fun or easy process but she makes it easy to share everything - and it doesn't take 6 months to get to the real issue. I traveled extensively for work and she was always very flexible to do phone sessions. I recently moved away for work and miss her dearly!” Sarah M.

"Mrs. Lie-Nielsen’s and my journey started with the happy cup. She taught me what it is and the need and ability to fill it. She is always eager to help me find outside resources that would benefit my recovery and healing. She supported me through a great change in my life and I don’t know who I would be or if I would be without her. She is honest and nonjudgmental. It’s a safe place to sort out feelings that are rational or not. Therapy is work and can be hard but it’s better with Mrs. Lie-Nielsen shining some light in. I have been in her care for four years consistently and will continue for many more.” S. Magee

"Rich was the first person to “get me” he understood my thoughts and struggles. He listened to my concerns; he truly cares about me and is my number one supporter. The work I did with him was not always easy and several times I wanted to quit, but Rich never gave up on me. I never before had anyone really listen or care about what my feelings were, what my struggles were, until I started working with him. He guided me through very rough times, but with his support I made it… he led me to a new life and for that I am forever grateful. I would recommend you take your journey with him and begin again."--Beth W.

"Finding Lucie was a Godsend for me. I heard her lecture and she described me, and my needs, to a T. I immediately knew that she was right for me. In the past year I have experienced tremendous growth. Lucie has a gift of encouragement and wisdom that I take with me after every visit. As issues arise, I remember her advice and, adequately and properly, I am able to handle the situation. I have and will continue to highly recommend Lucie to anyone who is seeking or in need of therapy." Steve F .

"I have entered therapy in the past and received some benefits...
Lucie's therapy is so much more specific and targeted to my own situation, home life, and past experiences. It may seem trite to say but Lucie listens and she gets it. I recommend her highly and have referred other people needing real therapy to her". Karen D.

“Lucie helped me work through some difficult personal times. Her kind but firm approach led me to a better place, both emotionally and physically. She'll help you through whatever you're working on, every step of the way. I wouldn't be where I am today without her.”-- WMB

I heard Lucie's Friday lectures while a patient at Ridgeview hospital. I felt very comfortable and understood by her. The transition to becoming her therapy patient was seamless. I adore her honesty, wit and intelligence. She understands psych conditions, addiction and learning and mood disabilities. She is very good at being objective and suggesting how the other person might feel in the situation. I had marriage counseling interspersed with my individual, which was very helpful. I have seen many therapists, and I would go the her now every time. She is professional and objective, while still earning your affection and love. Alice M.

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