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Do you have a loved one you wish would get treatment for addiction? If his/her disease has progressed to this level of concern, and they are denying the problem and the need for help, you are probably considering intervening on this person, hoping: the addicted person recognizes the need for help and agrees to go to treatment .

Richard Lie-Nielsen, LPC, can get you results. He is an experienced and effective interventionist, who has worked in the addiction field for 23 years, both in and out of the rehab hospital setting. He is a recognized expert, frequently lecturing on: the disease model of addiction, the common forms of denial/resistance, the difference between substance abuse and substance dependence, how to decide if one really has the disease, the effects of the disease on family and friends, what lasting recovery entails, what to expect from a rehab program, how to avoid pitfalls after treatment, all aspects of the AA program, and how to prevent relapse.

Our INTERVENTION package includes the following:

Richard will speak with you in person or by phone to evaluate the situation and determine the desired goal. If you decide to move forward, he will speak personally with every person involved to get more details and to answer any of their questions. Our office will send all parties a recommended outline for writing an effective “letter” to be read in the actual intervention meeting. Richard will work with you to design the best strategy including time and location. Just before the intervention, Richard will meet personally with all the loved ones in a private to make sure everyone is comfortable about the general outline of the intervention.

During the actual intervention, in which the addicted family member is now present, family and loved ones can be assured that Richard will lead the entire process. He is skilled at anticipating and handling any and all reactions from the addict as well as from the members present. Often the meeting is smooth and successful without any tension. However, Richards 23 years as a group therapist make him adept at diffusing tension and redirecting the group toward the desired goal. He is known for his caring, compassionate yet effective style.

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