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Intervention FAQ's



What is an intervention? 

There are many types of Interventions, but the most widely used format  entails a meeting in which a small group of family/concerned loved ones meet with an addict or alcoholic to 1) convey their concern about the substance dependence and its effects, 2) to convey their care for the addicted one and their desire that the individual get help, and 3) to achieve the two-fold outcome: the sick person sincerely recognizes and admits there is a problem, and also agrees to get help immediately

How long does an Intervention take?

The communication and strategy-planning varies according to the number of people involved.  The intervention meeting itself can be as short as 45 minutes or as long as two hours depending on the number of people involved.  Most average 60 – 90 minutes. 

Can I do an Intervention on my own?

It is possible to have a successful intervention without using a professional.  However, the chances of a successful outcome increase if a mental health professional is involved.

The professional will:

  • Help you decide if an Intervention is the right way to go.
  • Help you decide who should attend and place and time.
  • Plan the outline of, and the goal of the meeting based on your desires.
  • Assist all members in how to write a short, impactful letter which will be read in the meeting.
  • Consult with anyone who has questions about the Intervention.
  • Lead the entire intervention.
  • Be available for follow up questions after the intervention.

What makes an Intervention successful?

A successful intervention is when care, support and concern are conveyed to the addicted loved one in such a way that their denial (resistance) is dismantled enough for them to see the need for treatment and agree to it.

How much does an Intervention cost?

The price range is quite broad for this service.  Generally 1,500-2,000 is the low end, while they can also go above $15,000 dollars.  Price can increase if:  a large number of people are involved; travel is involved, you'd like the professional to take the client directly to treat-ment.  Click here to send an inquiry about our prices.


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